Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun with Yo Yos

Thanks to everyone who has already entered our drawing for Julia's Fall Frock.  We love how you are spreading the word and giving us feedback.  This has been truly fun to collaborate together, and to accomplish so much crafting every week.  A couple of years ago, when trying to use a coupon at the fabric store, I picked up a little yo-yo maker to try out for fun.  I had seen my sister make them for her girls (without any sort of tool, of course), and I wanted to try to some, but wanted to make it a bit more simple.  Since I bought that little tool -- a medium sized clover round -- I have done several little projects with them.  Most recently I embellished a couple of onesies for a shower gift.


I've also sewed one onto a bobby pin to add a little color to a hairstyle.  In the picture below I have two pinned right next to each other.

If you've never understood how these little yo-yos are made, I embedded a video below that you can watch to get an understanding of how easy they are to create.  Have I even mentioned how much I love an Australian accent?  Yes, I totally had a crush on Heath Ledger. 

Looking around the Internet you can find a lot more inspiration using yo-yos.  The necklace, below, is just gorgeous.  These are the tiny yo-yos, and you can see that she put a little bead or button in the center.

Here are some ideas for Christmas -- a garland and ornaments.  I wonder if I would have enough patience to make that many yo-yos.  There is probably about 10 hours worth of work in that garland.  Totally worth it, as it turned out so beautiful.  The ornament are large, medium and small yo-yos stacked on top of each other, divided by buttons.  I love the string (probably braided embroidery floss) in this project!

Tea Rose Home is always a source of inspiration to me.  This cardigan is a work of art, and I have probably looked at this picture 100 times, planning how I might make one of my own.  Maybe this will be the year!  It is a combo of felt flowers and yo-yos, with lace trim added to the sleeves and bottom.  There are truly endless possibilities that can come out of this simple craft.


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