Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall Frock Part 2 and Giveaway!!!

Here is the last installment of the sewing the Fall Frock. I am new at doing tutorials so, if you have any questions or if I left anything out let me know.  I will be sure to answer any questions you might have.
Check out the end for a giveaway!

 Sewing the dress:

 Quick tip:  Before I start sewing I finish all of my seams.  If you have a Serger than serge all of the raw edges on each piece.  This will save you a lot of time once you get going on constructing the dress.

Sew both side of the long ruffle strip together.  Then press flat.

To gather the ruffle I used Dana at MADE suggestion.  It makes gathering soooooo easy.  I highly recommend doing this.

Lay your dress front out flat.  Pin and then sew the ruffle to the middle of the dress. Then seam rip out the wide ruffle stitch that you used earlier.

Sew the "J" part of your sleeve to the front of the dress.

 Then to the back of the dress.
Sew the sides together starting under the sleeve all the way to the bottom of the dress.

Don't forget to press open your seams.

 Fold and iron your hems at 1/2 inch.  Your neck casing at 1inch.

 In order to sew around the big ruffle I pin the 2 sides together so it isn't flopping all around.  Then I can easily grab it and maneuver it as to not sew right over the top of it.

 Hem your sleeves and the bottom of your dress.  Then sew the neck casing.  Make sure to remember to leave an opening for your elastic.

 Start to feed your elastic through the neck casing.  
***Tip always put a safety pin on the end of the elastic you will be feeding through.  It makes it really easy to feel and pull through.
 Feed the elastic all the way through the casing.  Once you have pulled it through stitch it together with a zig-zag stitch.  Then sew the neck casing shut.

Now pat yourself on the back you are all done!  

Would you like to win your own Fall Frock?  Well I am giving it away to one of our followers.  It is a size 4T-5T.  My 3 year old is pretty tall so it might even fit a size 6.

Here is how to enter to win.

 There are several ways to earn a chance to win.  First, leave us a comment telling us the types of things that you would like us to feature on our blog.  That gives you one entry.  Next, go to Facebook and write a message on your wall, linking to our page, announcing the giveaway, then come back and leave a comment that you have done that.  There's another entry.  Post this page as a pin on Pinterest and come back and comment that you did that.  You just earned yourself another entry.  Link to it on your blog, and leave a comment that you did, and you can have another chance to win.  If you have a twitter account you can "tweet" about the giveaway with a link (then come and comment that you did this) and you can earn another entry in our drawing.

I will pick a winner at noon on Friday, using a random integer program, and will announce who won soon after.
Good Luck!



  1. I like exactly what you have been doing. Its a nice mix of baking, craft, sewing, and DIY building. I would like to see more of old furniture repainting etc.

  2. I also Facebooked the link. :-) I do have one question.. you might already have this info in the tutorials, approximately how much material would be needed for this project for 5T etc?

  3. Me, me!! I would love a Fall Frock for Grace! :)

  4. I'm so glad you linked how to do the ruffle. I'll check it out because I tried to make something similar a while back, couldn't figure it out and felt lame. I'd love for Sage to match your cute girls in this dress!

  5. I love everything you have done so far- maybe have a drawing to have you come and teach me how to sew for a week....or I can even come there! I would love a fall frock for Layla though!

  6. Sewing, sewing, sewing...That is what I would like to see on this site! :D I love what you can do with a sewing machine.

  7. I FB'd, Pinned on Pinterest, and Tweeted! Hope we win! My little LynLee would look so adorable in this! :D

  8. Awesome project. Enter me in the drawing!

  9. Also, I love y'all's blog! I would like to seem some fun Christmas crafts though! Especially with Christmas coming up so soon! :)

  10. Ok, you girls are awesome and I love reading all your posts. I love that their is a wide variety and all your posts are things that I can do, even if I have never done anything like it before. :) You are both amazing. I have posted on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest and gave you a tweet. :) Tes would look cute in this, of course with a pair of jeans underneath. :)

  11. Lindsey sent me over! I would like to see tutorials, cute blog!
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  12. tweet!/amolino/status/144066926627397635

  13. Julia you know I think you are the most amazing talented woman and this post proves it. I love your blog and wouldn't change a thing! Addie would look adorable in this beautiful fall frock!! Count me in please!