Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Early Pooch Present

A couple of weeks ago I walked by our sunroom and saw our 60lb Weimaraner in our glove and hat basket.  I guess her dog bed had lost its appeal to her.  She looked comfy enough but, I wasn't digging all of the dog hair on our warm clothing.  So, I figured I better give her an early Christmas present a new dog bed.

Here is how to make a quick dog bed out of things you probably have around your house.

1 yard of 60 inch fleece.  If you have an old blanket that will do.  I would cut it 34"x60".  Make sure you pre-wash your fabric.

First you want to fold your fleece length wise.  Cut it right up the middle.  One will be the front and the other the back piece.

Now take one of the pieces and fold that length wise.  This will now become the back portion of the bed.

The 2 back pieces side by side.

Now you will be pinning the whole bed together.  Lay the front piece down and place the 2 back side by side on top of the front piece.  Pin around all of the edges.  After you get it all pinned you can stitch around the perimeter of the bed.
After you are done sewing go ahead and trim your edges.  No need to flip the raw edges to the inside.  Fleece doesn't fray.  It will hold up nicely with trimmed edges.  Easy huh?

Now take 2 old (or extra) pillows you have and place them in separate garbage bags.  This will help if for any reason they get soiled.

Now place both of your bagged pillows inside the bed.  The open slit on the back portion will make it easy to take the pillows in and out.
Then find your pooch and have them take it for a spin.  My dog wasted NO time in resting her bones on her new bed.   The best part is I can take it off and wash it any time I want.  Everyone's happy. 
Now go make your pooch one for Christmas.:)


  1. You may be thinking of buying your Yorkie a new bed, and among the styles available today is the "doughnut" shaped bed, which happens to be a popular one. doughnut dog beds are called that because they are usually more or less round like a doughnut and have a hollowed out center where the dogs sleeps on the cushioned nest in the middle.

  2. cool. I have been thinking about making cushions or something for my children to lounge on in the family room. I was not sure what to stuff them with, this tutorial opened the light to just using pillows.which are cheap from walmart. :-)