Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wooden Spools

A week ago, my dad knocked on my door with a gift from my grandmother -- five boxes of vintage sewing supplies!!!  I spent a couple of days going through all of the fabric, yarn, trims, buttons and thread, packing everything carefully into one large box so my sister can go through it when she comes this summer.  One of the cool things that my grandma included were a bunch of wooden spools.  I would never use the thread, but the spools are so precious, that I started thinking of how I could to use and display them.

This is kind of what I first thought of doing -- a shadow box type display.  I really think the heart shape makes it very unique.

Just Something I Made has a tutorial for a spool advent calendar.  What an awesome idea!!!  I like how she made the advent kind of like a treasure hunt.

Next week I'm hosting an ornament exchange, and I still haven't quite come up with what I'm going to make for my ornaments.  These wooden spool ornaments sure are cute.  Pebbles in my pocket has a tutorial for how to make these.

This wreath is probably my favorite.  I just found it as an image, so I can only guess how you make it.  What  a creative idea!  Now that I have so many choices, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  Maybe I should wait until summer, when Julia is here, to decide.


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