Friday, November 4, 2011

Repurposing a Sweater to a Dress

 I bought this sweat a year ago at the Salvation Army.  I knew I wanted to do something with it just wasn't sure what.  A few days ago I got my inspiration.  So this sweater went from this...

 To this.  I followed the advice from this Make it and Love it to construct the dress.  I made a few changes with the sleeve length, collar, and I changed the buttons up.

 I have to be honest I LOVE how it turned out!

To make the hat:
I simply drew out my pattern and with the remaining wool on the sweater I cut it out.  I added a lining to the hat out of an old pink t-shirt I had laying around.  Since it is wool I didn't want it to scratch Olivia's skin.  I then sewed it all together inside out.  When you are done sewing flip it right side out to add the rest.

I hand stitch the pom-poms to the little ear things.  You can find the pom-pom tutorial here.  See I told you could find all sorts of things to do with pom-poms.:)  Then I braided 20 strands of yarn and stitched the ties to the sides of the hat.
 And that is it!  I am sorry I love those pom-poms.  They make me want to eat her up!

I am in love with this little dress!  I have a little bit of the wool sweater left and I think I am going to make some matching boots.  If I can pull it off I will post a tutorial later.

Now go find an old sweater and create a fun and unique dress for your little one!  This project is too easy and fun not to try!



  1. So I'm pretty sure I just want to give you all my projects because you pretty much rock! :) That is so seriously adorable!! Love it!! :)

  2. Amazing! She is a gorgeous baby and that dress and hat are so cute. You could seriously go into business just making those! Should I be on the lookout for similar sweaters to send to you? Julie