Monday, November 28, 2011

The Fall Frock

 So, as you can imagine with 4 girls there is a lot of dress sewing that I do.  I have a dress pattern that I use all the time.  It is my go to pattern.  The pattern has 2 pieces and it is a quick dress to whip up in bind (which is usually all the time as I am burning the midnight oil trying to get dresses finished up). 

I have altered it and changed different things about it to fit the season or style that I want to achieve. 
I don't always match them.  They each are very different and have different styles and opinions (especially my 7 year old).  I won't lie occasionally I make them because it is just too much fun not to.  Even though I make them match I try to make each dress a little unique.

This time I added the huge ruffle for fun.  So, this week I will teach you how to make your own peasant dress pattern and then I will show you how to construct your own.

 My girls in all of their ruffley goodness!

 Aren't these dresses fun?


Ava and Natalia wanted to match this time around.



 Do you want to make one of your own?
Then stay tuned for this weeks tutorial.


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