Friday, November 11, 2011

Embroidery is Fun! (Part 2)

Mastering French Knots is possibly the most difficult part of embroidery.  They aren't really hard to do, but they do require a few steps, and sometimes, even when you do everything right, they don't turn out perfect.  As intimidating as they are, French Knots make a big impact and really can make a big difference in a project.

For this stitch, we will be using all six threads, with a knot on the end.  Knot your thread, thread your needle, and then pull it up through the back, as seen above.

Next, while holding your needle, tightly wrap your thread around your needle tip three times (you can also do it two times for a smaller knot).

While continuing to hold your thread that you just wrapped around the needle, push your needle back down into your fabric, just to the side of where you came up.

Reach underneath and pull the needle through, while continuing to hold the thread taught.

Gently continue to pull until all of the thread is pulled through and you have a knot.  This is a stitch to practice and practice (like I did in the first picture).  I embedded the video below, so you can see a video tutorial from someone who is probably much more skilled than me.


 I have two more stitches to show you and then we will be ready to start our project!  I can't wait!

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