Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Yarn Wreath

 I really wanted to make a yarn wreath this year.  I love how warm and pretty they look.  I am really happy how it turned out.    The colors are so warm and remind me of the trees in the fall that hung over the street that I grew up on.
 My supplies.  I pick Styrofoam wreaths when they are sale.  You can even find them at the Dollar store occasionally.  All of the yarn was left over from this project. 

 Wrapping the wreath was a little time consuming but, not too bad. I would wrap a small section in 1 color and then leave a tail out.  I would only hot glue that tail to the wreath.  Then I would wrap the next color which would end up covering the tail from the previous section.  Even though I only used hot glue on the tail the wreath and yarn are quite secure.

 How to make the rolled flower (rosette):
For this project I started with a 4 inch circle of felt.  Then start cutting from the edge in a circular pattern working my way to the middle.  Keep cutting in a circular motion through the circle until you get to the center of the circle.  As you can see the cut portion will spiral down.

 After you are done cutting you roll the spiral part back up by starting with the center portion.  Keep twisting the felt until the it forms a nice rosette.  After I am done I apply a little hot glue to the back side to secure it.

 Then you can hot glue your rosette to the wreath.  I had a couple of beads laying around that I glued to the center of each flower to add a little more color.

Then grab some ribbon to attach it to your door hook.  Give this wreath a try with any color you like.  You will love how it turns out!