Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Dressed Up

Amy and I both had a great but, busy Halloween.  Here are a few pictures of the costumes we created this year.

Over at Julia's house:

I followed the same basic pattern for all of my girls this year.  I made certain adjustments to fit their specific costumes.  Essentially each of theirs had a fitted top attached to a ruffly puffy tutu.  Ava and Natalia had a gathered overlay for the skirt.  I got my ideas for the pattern here.

Ava wanted to be a spider bride.  I tried my best to make something that would look like that.

Tinkerbell.  Her shoe tutorial I followed here.

Sophia was a bat girl.  I have to say her's was the most fun to make.  The lace for her wings was really quite pretty.  She loved the costume which makes it all worth it! 
We were in such a hurry to take these photos that I didn't have her face paint on yet.  You will have to imagine a bat mask painted to here face.  It looked pretty cool.
My primary objective with Olivia's costume was to keep her warm.  It can get really really chilly here and I didn't want her to freeze.  I sewed the different colored fleece strips together  and then cut out my triangular pattern.  I made her hat a rounded off triangle to give it the candy corn look.  Super easy.  I was going to make arm holes and then at the last minute I decided to sew off the hands (for extra warmth) instead.  It made her look a little stumpy but, warm none-the-less.

The whole family minus baby candy corn.  My husband was Napoleon Dynamite in his 5th encore appearance and I was a last minute lady bug.

Over at Amy's house:

We had a lot of fun with our costumes this year.  Last year no one could decide what they wanted to be, and there were a lot of tears at the end because no one was completely satisfied.  This year, everyone was happy -- including Mom and Dad.  I put myself in charge of Mario and Luigi and my husband in charge of the robot.  Division of labor is an awesome thing.

John got so many comments on his costume.  I think the best part were the electric eyes (electric candles from Walmart) and the dryer venting for arms (free at our local thrift store).  Here is a link to the tutorial that provided the inspiration.

I loved sewing these costumes.  I wish every project could be made with felt -- no hemming or finishing needed.  The best part of the costumes were the 2 minute hats.  Yes, it took me about two minutes to sew them.  Here is a link to the costume tutorial (which includes a link to the hat tutorial). 

We hope you had a fantastic HALLOWEEN!

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