Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's and a Shout out to Pinterest

Amy and I have been off the grid for a couple of weeks.  New jobs, waiting for babies to arrive (Amy is also doula), surgeries, and illnesses have kept us away from feeding our creative inner beasts.  

I could easily say that the past month has been monumentally hard on me.  It will be one of those that my husband and I will look back on and say: "Remember the winter of 2012?" Amidst all of the sickness and recovery we have also been tremendously blessed.
So, when the official day of love came around we were overcome with gratitude for all of the love we have in our lives.

 So thanks to a good friend I like to call , I was able to find last minute ideas for some cute Valentines.
I found the idea here.
  My oldest opted for a non sweet treat this year.

Idea found here.

I attached a little conversation bubble to the back with her little Valentine's Day message.

 Here is the candy bouquet I made for my hubby.  He is a self proclaimed sugar-chocaholic.  So, I thought that would be perfect for the man I love.  To go with the bouquet I created a candy bar letter that went a little like this:  "I have Good & Plenty Riesen's why I love you.  It's not just because you are one Hot Tamale.  We have 4 little Runts together...."  You get the idea. It was really fun creating and my husband loved it!  Now he has a year supply of candy just sitting on his desk.

 My husband sensing my stress over the past couple of weeks got me a massage and facial at our local spa.  He is quite a catch I tell ya--he knew just what I needed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day full of love! 


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  1. I love all these ideas! I bet that candy bouqet really does last Cam a year! The lips and moustache are so cute.