Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gearing up for the Cold

We had our first snow storm of the season on Saturday.  It caught us all by surprise being that it was up in the high 80's just the week before.  All of our winter coats are still packed up from last year and most of our drawers are still full of our summer clothes.

So when the snow hit I kind of panicked over the amount of work I would have to do sorting, unpacking, packing, folding, and organizing of all our summer and winter clothes. Then I remembered a simple trick I could do to our existing clothes to buy me some time before I got everything ready for winter.

With all of our drawers full of short sleeves destined to be packed up in a matter of days I figured I would give them a little more life than storing them away.  

Here is what I do:

I grabbed one of my daughter's favorite t-shits and a pair of  knee high socks. This works great for those knee high socks that have a hole in the toe (we have a lot of those around here).

Cut the sock off at the ankle.

Put hand through neck  hole and follow it out the sleeve so you can stretch the seem out flat.

Slide the raw edge of the sock over your hand and into the sleeve just so the raw edge meets under the hem of the t-shirt sleeve.  Then pin all the way around the sleeve to hold it into place.  Use your hand to stretch the sock so it will meet the sleeve width.

Then stitch along the existing hem of the t-shirt to hold the sock in place.

That's it! You are done!

 This project took no more than 15 minutes.  I saved a couple of  her favorite t-shirts from storage bins by adding cute funky sleeves.  I think she is pretty happy about it.


*Note-  I think that this project works best for toddlers.  This t-shirt is a 4T and I can only imagine it would of been easier with a smaller shirt. The smaller the shirt the smaller the armhole making it easier to fit the width of a sock.*


  1. What a cute idea! If I sewed I would try this :)

  2. Very cute -- even cuter, though is your little girl!